Based in Marrakech Diwan provides  full range of world-class production services, locations, Equipments, Crew, Talents and more for both Stills and Moving image shoots, including Advertising, Commercials, Fashion, Editorials, Corporate, Social Media videos and more. Over the past three decades, we worked closely at all levels with clients from all over the world, Ad agencies, Brands, Photographers, Directors and Direct clients. Our goal is always the same: exceed expectations and provide outstanding services that make our clients fully satisfied.

The success of our organization is all about a great effective team, highly experienced professionals, Local Crew & Talents covering every aspect of Stills & moving image Production, considered at the top of their field. They speak your languages, understand your culture and know how to have fun at the same time. So you can experience the quality of our work and hear the difference our services make!

Diwan is operated by Med Maach, born and raised in Morocco, known for being humble and creative.  Prior to his life as producer, he has been studying Fine arts and Art history in Paris, then photography and film in New York. His openness to cultural diversity led him to spend 13 Years living in Europe and USA, during which he had the opportunity to take part in various Films, Commercials, Advertising and Fashion Photography projects with some of the most talented Producers, directors and photographers.

Med works exclusively for international clients and very closely with each of them from the first step to the final wrap-up report with respect for time and budget constraints. After all “…talent means nothing, while experience acquired in humility and hard work, means everything”.