Based in Marrakech Diwan is a photography & video production company, working and collaborating at all level with clients all over the globe, photographers, directors, ad agencies, brands, production companies or magazines looking for local support offering full service packages as well as single, separate required services to facilitate producing fashion, catalogue, brochure,,editorial, car photography and advertising stills productions as well corporate and promotional videos for worldwide clients.

Diwan is run by Med Maach, experienced Producer, born and raised in morocco, have been studying abroad in Paris Fine art and Art history, then New York for Photography and Visual Arts course, while in Paris and New York I having lived  and worked during 13 Years, where I have find the opportunities to work on a wide variety of projects next to some of talented producers, directors, and exciting  photographers, having gained a vast professional experience in a multicultural environment, in the early 90’s I decided to come back my home country, to offer my services helping international production who need an experienced local partner.

We understand the requirements of international clients who need an experienced local partner to take the hassle out of shooting abroad, supported by a dedicated multilingual fresh team of experienced professionals, we simply do everything that is possible to earn your trust and to provide you with the best service and cost effective solution. We can organise specific locations of your choice or offer you the perfect location to match your production brief, a wide range of locations categories are available at your fingertips through this website if you don’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Us, we know the best shooting locations. 

Social Conscience,
Diwan Photography is committed to working with communities and charities to help raise awareness of important social and environmental issues. If you need any of our services to help your worthy cause, we are more than happy to discuss the level of support we are able to offer.
Please contact Med Maach at + 212 668 49 13 40 or email at