Diwan is the first production services company based in Marrakech Since 1983 offering locations and full services for still photography and video shoots, Since we have completed numerous advertising & fashion productions collaborating with leading Brands, fashion, Ad agencies, production companies, Photographers, Directors and direct clients.

However big or small your project, we know that no two projects are the same – each requires a different combination of skills and personalities, the service we are offering is really unique, which means that working with us you’re in safe hands and dealing professionally with reliable local partner attentive, fair and respectful.

The reality is you’re only as good as the people your work with; the success of my organization isn’t about me, it’s all about the great team who are working with me” a highly experienced professionals team have worked with some of the fashion world’s top brands, talented photographers and directors, they speak your languages and they understand your culture, there’s not much we haven’t seen, worked on or solved.

Diwan is run by Med Maach, born and raised in morocco, prior to his life as producer, has been studying abroad in Paris Fine art and Art history, then New York to taking classes in photography and film, his love of different cultures led him to spend 13 Years living in Europe and USA, during which he had the opportunity to take part in various project next to some great directors and photographers.

Med has literally pioneered the still photographic production services in Morocco, in 1983 when he returned to his home country he established the first full Service company to helping foreigner clients needing to shoot their projects, Known for his human qualities, authentic and humble, his wealth of international experience combined with his in-depth local knowledge hands-on technical, he likes to work closely with his clients from the first conversation to the final wrap-up report. Always ahead of the curve on what’s happening with his team and clients, After all “…talent means nothing, while experience, acquired in humility and with hard work, means everything”.


Social Conscience.

Med Maach is committed to working with communities and charities to help raise awareness of important social and environmental issues. If you need any of our services to help your worthy cause, we are more than happy to discuss the level of support we are able to offer.

Please contact Med Maach at + 212 668 49 13 40 or email at infos@diwanphotography.com