What does set us apart, However, Is not only what we do, But how we do it.

Services Offered Include:

  • Get involved in your project at any stage
  • Understand content and creative concept
  • careful planning/Estimating/detailed budgeting and Final Billing
  •  Best suitable and most cost effective locations and Permits
  • Select the most professional local crew & Talents
  • Producer, Location Manager/ Scout, Production Coordination
  • Transports, Airport Transfers and logistic, Crew vehicles, Production van
  • Accommodation, Catering and Craft Services
  • Custom Facilities Carnets, Visas
  • Casting: Models / Actors / Kids / Street Casting
  • Photo Assistant & digital
  • Seamstresses & ironing lady
  • Art Direction: Props Styling, dressing existing locations or built sets
  • Stylists, Hair and Makeup Artists
  • Photo & Video  Equipments
  •  Aerial shoots
  • Animal handlers
  • Making off, behind the scenes video