Diwan services; is all about flexibility, creativity, and reliability in every way, “Our wealth of expertise across all genres of commercials, fashion shoot, advertising stills, and film campaigns, Along with over 30 years experience, means we’re perfectly positioned to deliver the best possible service, to meet global clients needs.

Permanently based in Marrakech a city where everything is possible, or rather nothing is impossible, We’ve collaborated and produced hundreds of projects of all genres, with some of the UK’s and worldwide top creative agencies and brands, photographers, directors, and great clients directly.

Our multi-talented English-speaking team is undoubtedly among the best, offering a wide range of skills and experience, production know-how, and a strong understanding of the film and photography industry.

Diwan is headed by Med Maach, producer, with a deep understanding of exactly what is required to achieve seamlessly each project, having solid creative experience in preproduction work, along with meticulous planning through the shoot, attention to detail, technical expertise, and problem-solving skills with scrupulous respect to the agreed initial budget and schedule.

Most importantly though, our relationships with clients are professional and consistent with clear communication, not devoid of a sense of humor, as are those with local suppliers, freelance crew, location owners, and local authorities, allowing us to cater to all your needs in the most effective way.
Med has always had a fascination with painting & photography and constantly strives to offer the best possible experience with humility and dedication.