Diwan is a full-service Photoshoot & Film production company, specialized in advertising stills, film Campaigns and fashion shoots, mainly focused on Marrakech city and its surroundings, where we based for over 35 years, during which we’ve accomplished hundreds of shoots, on behalf of worldwide top brands, photographers, ad agencies, and creatives, along with diverse global clients.

Behind Diwan, a versatile English-speaking team, carrying extensive experience within the photography and film industry, creative and resourceful peoples, accustomed to working cohesively with global clients in the fashion and advertising industries.

Diwan is headed by Med Maach, a creative and flexible producer, known for delivering effective and innovative solutions, in short, coming from an artistic background, experienced in the art department and set styling, collaborating closely with creatives, photographers and art directors, as to stimulate ideas and generate a creative experience.

Above all, achieving a successful shoot implies a close relationship based on mutual respect and ethical professional rules, just like the adherence to client requirements through trusted suppliers, freelance crew, location owners and local authorities, as well everyone involved.