Diwan is a stills Photo and video Production services Company, provides locations and outstanding services for worldwide clients, who wish to shoot advertising stills, film, and fashion in Morocco.

Over the last 30 years, we’ve worked with some of the most valuable fashion brands, ad agencies worldwide, creatives, talented photographers, directors, and great clients directly.

We’re permanently based in Marrakech-one of those unique places in the world which inspire thinking and creativity, thanks to available resources and affordability of all aspects linked to still photography /video and film industry.
A wide diversity of impressive locations that are accessible, practical, and safe, the expertise of local photo team, video and film crew and talent, a wide range of all types of equipment, art department and all logistics to suit, as well a network of trusted local suppliers to meet whatever your need.
In Marrakech, nothing is impossible when you have the right production partner.

Behind Diwan is a multi-talented English-speaking team, producers, and passionate people, hand-picked for each job, tailored to suit your needs, combining exceptional production know-how, strong understanding of the creative brief, technical and problem-solving skills.
Open-minded peoples, totally at ease with foreign production teams coming from different cultures and backgrounds.

Diwan is managed by Med Maach, Producer carrying a wealth of professional experience in out-most production roles acquired over the past three decades, during which he produced hundreds of world-class advertising stills, film and fashion shoots for international clients, Med’s main concern is to lead you where your creative vision needs to go, with strong organizational skills, good sense of humor and naturally what is required for your well-being.