Diwan is a full service, stills, film and fashion shoot production, providing locations and high-end local production support for global clients in the advertising and fashion industry.

Specifically focused on Marrakech and its surrounding areas, where we are based for over 35 years, ideally positioned to deliver high-end production support, along with an impressive choice of exotic locations, where we’ve already executed hundreds of projects, for a wide range of worldwide top brands, photographers, ad agencies, creatives, along with great clients directly.

Our multi-talented English-speaking team, seen as the highly experienced in their fields, with a deep understanding of photography and film, known for their positive mindset, resourceful and hands-on, working cohesively in a fast-paced team environment.

Diwan is headed by Med Maach, accommodating producer, combining production know-how and great artistic sensitivity, meticulous attention to detail, excellent organizational skills, and clear communication, dealing effectively with any unexpected problems that may arise or any last-minute questions or changes.

We foster close relationships with our clients so as to share their visual perception, anticipate their needs and solve their problems it is paramount, so they can feel confident every step of the way, Just like we’ve a great relationship with everyone involved, such local suppliers, freelance crew, location owners, and local authorities, ultimately the purpose is to achieve the clients’ goals set down in a seamless and cost-effective way.