Diwan a Photography and Film/Video production services company based in Marrakech, Since over 30 years, providing locations, comprehensive and flexible production support for fashion shoot and ad campaigns, Our clients vary from leading Brands, Ad agencies, Direct clients, Photographers, Creatives, Directors and Production companies.
Diwan is backed by a small but mighty team made up of multi-talented young peoples, with a long background of practical experiences “10 years on average” in all facets of the photographic and moving images industry, excellent english speaking and highly familiar with foreign teams from different cultural backgrounds, creating a positive working environment that inspires creativity. After all “…talent means nothing, while experience acquired in humility and hard work, means everything”.
Diwan team is run by Med Maach, Producer with almost three decades of experiences both in Morocco and abroad, during which he produced and collaborated on hundreds, of advertising campaigns and fashion shoots, possessing extensive experiences in out most of the production roles in the photographic anf film/video industries combined with an exceptional knowledge of the infinite possibilities that Morocco offers, Med coordinate every step of production process from the first conversation with clients to the final wrap-up report, to ensures that each project is seamlessly executed with the best possible experience for everyone involved, Med is inspired by modern arts, architecture, natural beauty in landscapes, peoples and the ability to embrace life’s important moments.