We’ve been in the field since over three decades and handled literally Hundreds of projects, We’ve never gone over budget, Whether its £10,000 or £100,000, every project is equally important, and receive our full attention and skill set.
Whether you need a simple 2-person crew or 14-persons or larger production crew, We have the resources, relationships and know-how, to successfully achieve even the most ambitious briefs, in a timely and cost-efficient manner, We know all type of locations from the ordinary to the extraordinary in Marrakech and surrounding areas as well as throughout Morocco.

Services Offered Include:

Get involved in your project at any stage

Understand content and creative concept

careful planning/Estimating/detailed budgeting and Final Billing

 Best suitable and most cost effective locations and Permits

Hand-picking the most professional local crew & Talents

Producer, Location Manager/ Scout, Production Coordination

Transports, Airport Transfers and logistic, Crew vehicles, Production van

Accommodation, Catering and Craft Services

Custom Facilities Carnets, Visas

Casting: Models / Actors / Kids / Street Casting

Photographer, Videographer, Photo Assistant & digit

Video team for all medias

Art Direction: Props Sourcing, dressing existing locations or built sets

Special Effects Professionals

Stylists, Hair and Makeup Artists

Seamstresses & ironing lady

Photo, Video and film Equipments

 Aerial shoots

Animal handlers

Making off, behind the scenes video