Diwan is known since three decades, for delivering high-end stills and moving image production services, specialized in fashion and advertising campaigns shoots.
We’ve collaborated and produced hundreds of projects along with some of the UK’s top creative agencies and brands, as well worldwide photographers, directors, and great clients directly.

Our services include all Production Logistics to suit your individual needs, Location Scouting and Management, Shooting Permits, Photo, Video/ Film Equipments, Props and Art Department, Local Casting, Local Crew, Catering, Transport, Accommodation and whatever else is necessary and more…, as well a privileged access to the best local suppliers in the industry = efficient, friendly and affordable.

Diwan is supported by a multi-talented English-speaking team, producers and passionate peoples, combining exceptional production know-how and a strong understanding in all aspects photography and video shoot, accustomed to working closely with worldwide clients.
Obviously we have a vast network of dedicated and experienced freelance crews working through all discipline.

Services Offered Include:

Get involved in your project at any stage

Understand content and creative concept

careful planning/Estimating/detailed budgeting and Final Billing

 Best suitable and most cost effective locations and Permits

Hand-picking the most professional local crew & Talents

Producer, Location Manager/ Scout, Production Coordination

Transports, Airport Transfers and logistic, Crew vehicles, Production van

Accommodation, Catering and Craft Services

Custom Facilities Carnets, Visas

Casting: Models / Actors / Kids / Street Casting

Photographer, Videographer, Photo Assistant & digit

Video team for all medias

Art Direction: Props Sourcing, dressing existing locations or built sets

Special Effects Professionals

Stylists, Hair and Makeup Artists

Seamstresses & ironing lady

Photo, Video and film Equipments

 Aerial shoots

Animal handlers

Making off, behind the scenes video